winner of the  grand jury award: 2016 film invasion los angeles

Goodwoman IS THE STORY OF DEBRA GOODMAN, A RETIRED LEGAL SECRETARY WHO FILMED THE POLICE IN A BID TO FOSTER TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in new york's nypd.  WHEN SHE FILMs THE POLICE HELPING A HOMELESS friend SHE IS WRONGFULLY ARRESTED AND THROWN IN JAIL.  after a harrowing 24 hours in solitary confinement during which she suffered withdrawal from life saving cancer meds, goodman sues the nypd and the city of new york.

the moral of the story: exercising your civil rights may be hazardous to your health.

the trailer:


fresh from it's screening At the 2017 american documentary film festival in palm springs, I've pulled the film from future festivals and have released goodwoman on the web, where is viewable in it's entirety free of charge.  

goodwoman: theatrical release (37 Min):